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Quarantined: A Collection of Shorts by Sabrina B. Scales (paperback)

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Part One-Quarantined Lust

In a mad dash to grab what she can off the shelves, Nicki finds herself being neighborly and grabbing a few things for somebody else; her neighbor and family friend, Jabari. When she stops by to drop his things off, she leaves to quarantine in her own place, safe from the eyes, hands and temptations of her big brother's best friend. But Jabari has other plans. Plans that include taking more off Nicki's shelf than toilet paper.

Part Two-Quarantined Abroad

An off and on couple who love each other too much to completely sever ties, have gone away on a trip for two to re-up on a dose of lovemaking. Stranded on an island until the quarantine is lifted, things have to come to a boil, leaving Courtney and Milo to face a decision that sex might not be able to fix.

Part Three-Quarantined Drama

Drama is the fuel to almost every fire. But at some point, it needs to be extinguished before it burns down everything in its path. Dominique and Janay are sitting in the middle of a drama-filled situation where love may or not be worth the headache. Passion holds them together as it threatens to tear them apart.


Publisher: Independently published 

Publication Date: July 29, 2020

Print Length: 91