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Naughty And Nasty: Erotic Series (paperback)

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Two must-read novellas from best-selling author Sabrina B. Scales now available all in one!!!Naughty: Recently separated from her on again, off again boyfriend, Darryl, Nedra Brooks finds herself in the arms of her handsome neighbor Justin Steele. Years of sexual tension finally come to a head when she seeks, and finds, temporary satisfaction in Justin's arms. After the climax settles, deeper feelings are unearthed, and they stumble into more than either of them had bargained for. Will the two of them be able to leave it in the bedroom and move on? Or will this sexy Christmas gift exchange turn into something more? Nasty: Two innocent bystanders are introduced by their siblings with nothing in common but a sexual attraction that they couldn't act upon without breaking all the rules. But rules are made to be broken, right? That's just what happens when Seth and Phalin finally come face to face for the second time, and sparks fly that won't be so easily extinguished. One thing leads to another and before either of them knows it, things get nasty in the best kind of way. The trouble starts when the heat leaves the bedroom and attempts to travel some place else. Some place deeper. Some place closer to love.



Publisher: Independently published

Publication Date: January 30, 2020

Page Length: 260